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Welcome To My Website

I’m an artist/maker based in the West Midlands and love to tell visual stories, can I help you share yours?

Community Routes Really excited to be part of  ‘Community Routes’ @ Roundhouse, Birmingham, a pioneering collaborative project between the National Trust and the Canal and River Trust with support from Heritage Lottery Fund.

The project aims to co-create with community members, 3 self-guided walks from the Roundhouse, exploring the local area, it’s heritage, through its people, places and their unique stories. As part of the project, I’ve been commissioned to create artworks inspired by these stories, for exhibition at Roundhouse, Birmingham in the spring, 2021.

As a way of engaging with people around these themes in these unprecedented times, I’ve created a collage kit, with specific heritage materials for each walk, to send out to people in the area around Roundhouse. It invites participants to create collages, sharing with others what they love about their communities. I can’t wait to see what people create as they’ll inspire the artworks I create. We’ll be sharing some of the gathered collages as part of the exhibition itself too. If you live in the B16 area, you’re really welcome to take part in this, for further info please see my blog section on this site!

For further info and to see how the project develops, you can follow Roundhouse, Birmingham’s social media channels or mine, we hope to see you there!

Here’s some photos and short video clips of the kits for now…